Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It all started with a dress

One day I was perusing Shabby Apple’s website when I fell in love with this dress:

The soft gray color, the graceful drape of the fabric—it was love at first sight! There was only one problem. The hefty price tag.

Not to be dissuaded, I shopped around and found a similar dress for half the price at target.

But it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Still not satisfied, I continued to surf the web. Then I found this lovely lady on a website called BurdaStyle.

BurdaStyle is a website for budding seamstresses to share inspiration and ideas—both of which I found in the pictures she uploaded. This young woman created her own pattern and uploaded it to the BurdaStyle website to share with others. Though I was originally planning on starting my summer sewing project on something easy, I quickly became carried away...

After printing out the pattern, it took me over two weeks to work up enough courage to piece it together. Once I overcame that insurmountable obstacle, I completed this dress in three days:

It isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but the simple fact that I created it makes me value it ten times more than if I had spent $100 on it! And I am proud to say, “I did it!” Now I just have to find some matching shoes...


Hannah said...

I like your dress better than the Shabby Apple one! Beautiful job! :) Where did you get your material?

Hosanna said...

Way to go! Great job! I love it. :)

Catherine said...

Thanks! I had fun making it. :) I got the material from Hobby Lobby. It was a knit cotton jersey that was great to work with!