Friday, October 15, 2010

Baking Delights

For several weeks I have been looking forward to coming home and trying all the delicious new recipes I found via the internet. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons for cooking/baking and I've been having a ball experimenting in the kitchen!

Yesterday I was going to make the beef and barley soup featured above, only we didn't have any beef and I couldn't find the barley so it turned into vegetable soup. ;)

After being frustrated with my current yeast roll recipe, I decided to try a new one and this one is amazing! I would venture to say they were the best rolls I've made yet!

Then this morning I got up early to try out the pumpkin muffin recipe featured here. I did everything they said except instead of sprinkling the walnuts on top, I mixed them into the batter. Also, we had some cream cheese icing left over from mom's sweet potato cake, so I spread the icing as a light glaze over the tops. Moist spicy pumpkiny goodness with warm melted bliss overtop...Does it get any better? Needless to say, this weekend has not been good for my waist, but it has been a wonderful break from cafeteria food! ;)