Thursday, October 21, 2010

Etsy Finds

The more I shop on Etsy the more I fall in love with it. I love that it's made up of independent sellers operating from their homes and shops, I love the artists showcasing their artwork, and most of all I love discovering cute, old-fashioned finds!

My dear friend Elisa sold me this darling frame of embroidered flowers in lovely autumn colors.

Then later this week I was browsing Etsy, and I found this pewter tea set. What's so special about this pewter tea set, you ask? Well, I happen to own the exact same cream and sugar set, but I'm missing the teapot! I've been looking for a matching teapot for some time now and what are the chances I find the exact same set? And for only $17?

Then last Sunday I was eating with some friends at a local restaurant called the Sundae Grill, a small vintage-themed eatery that specializes in ice cream, and I saw these darling salt and pepper shakers on the table. When I got back, I googled "mason jar salt and pepper shakers" and found a whole slew of them on Etsy! They are original factory-made shakers from the 70's and they were only $3.50 a set! Etsy is my new best friend. :)