Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Greatest Weakness

If I had to choose my one greatest weakness, it would undoubtedly be books. I love everything about them. The smell of paper and ink, the grainy feel of the pages, ornate covers and bindings, sweeping fonts, colorful illustrations...

I could spend hours in Barnes and Noble just relishing the massive amounts of literature surrounding me. Each book represents so many years of research, travelling, writing, thoughts, and emotions.

Yesterday I was browsing in a quaint downtown bookstore and found these two gems.

Originally penned in 1905 and 1906, these treasures are a delightful blend of botany, poetry, and art, saturated throughout with the author's ardent love of nature.

The author, Edith Holden, was born in 1871 in the town of Moseley, England. After growing up in a family of seven children, she attended art school and worked as an illustrator, later marrying the sculptor, Ernest Smith.

These two books are full of her favorite poems, personal thoughts and observations of local wildlife throughout the year.

Her detailed watercolors are exceptional as is her excellent taste in poetry, and I'm excited to have two more books to add to my collection. :)


Shyla said...

Catharine, I am absolutely green with envy....