Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Impress your Professor

1. Sit up straight and make eye contact--show that you're listening and you care.

2. Don't text, chew gum or talk to your neighbor--be respectful.

3. Engage. Take notes and ask intelligent questions--not to show off that you're smart and annoy the rest of your classmates, but to help you learn and understand the material.

4. When everyone else is busy packing up five minutes before the end of class, sit still, make eye contact, and listen until you're dismissed--your immovable figure will stand out in the bustling crowd and you will often catch important points that others miss because they're not listening and their notebooks are already put away.

5. Do your work--don't just do enough to get by. Put in time and effort, and turn it in early. Professors are not stupid--they can tell the difference between a night-before paper and a substantially revised paper.

6. Thank them for taking the time to teach you, whether it's telling them after class, dropping by during their office hours, or writing a personal thank you note at the end of the semester. Tell them what you learned, what you enjoyed most, and if it was your favorite class tell them why.

Even if you don't do any of the others, number 1 and number 4 will definitely get you into your professor's good graces. :)


Holly J said...

I love your blog! :)
This one is especially helpful!;)
I'm new to blogger & would be so grateful if you could follow me back?

Catherine said...

Hi, Holly! Welcome to my blog. :) I read some of your blogposts and you seem like you have a zest for life! I'd be delighted to follow you.