Saturday, November 14, 2015

Peru Update 3 - Conciertos & Cabalgatas

Greetings from Peru!

The past two weeks have been busy ones!

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a free Evan Kraft concert at my church, Camino de Vida. Before coming to Peru, I had never heard of Evan Kraft--apparently, he is a Christian artist from Texas who is quite popular among the young adult crowd here. He has a nice repertoire of mixed acoustic/upbeat, bilingual, Christian songs.

This past weekend was by far my favorite--I had the opportunity to fulfill my long-cherished dream of riding on the beach! My friend Carla, her brother Nicolas, and I drove to the southern outskirts of Lima where Carlos Montoya, a vet at the Southern Scientific University, took us "cabalgando" on three Peruvian Paso Finos! Click here to see the video. (If the link doesn't work, check my facebook wall). The University is located beside the Pantanos de Villa Wildlife Reserve. (Picture a swampy coastal plain).

On Sunday, I went with several friends to the Martin Chambi exhibit in the Lima Museum of Art (MALI). Chambi was a famous photographer from the late 19th/early 20th century who is credited with documenting the indigenous culture of Cuzco. His portraits are particularly striking. (He is like the Normal Rockwell of Peru).
Prayer Requests:
- There are only three weeks left in the school year, so pray for health, stamina, and renewed focus to finish strong!
- Pray for me to steward my time, finances, and talents wisely.


Briana W. said...

Can't wait for more updates! I loved Peru so much when I visited several years ago!