Saturday, December 12, 2015

Peru Update 5 - Leones & Tigres & Osos -- Oh, My!

Greetings from Peru!

Yesterday was the last day of classes and next Friday is the last day of work before Christmas break. These past few weeks have been hectic, so I am looking forward to the rest. The weather is finally starting to warm up, so I took advantage of the opportunity to visit a few nearby attractions over the weekends.

Guinea pig and baby goat are considered a delicacy in Peru. Here guinea pigs are awaiting the chopping block at Lima's University of Agriculture. There were also cages full of canaries, cockatoos, mini-doves, finches, and baby bunnies as well as plant nurseries, restaurants, and vendors selling all-natural, organic food and health products.

Afterward we went to La Molina's famous "lagoon." (Which is more like a glorified pond). There's a small park where you can feed the ducks and fish and some restaurants overlooking the water.

I also visited Lima's Zoo: "Parque de Las Leyendas." (Park of Legends). The park is built around archaelogical ruins and includes a botanical garden, mini-theme park, and paddle-boat pond. The Zoo attractions are divided into four sections: Coast, Mountains, Jungle, and International. Besides a plethora of exotic birds and monkeys, we saw tapirs, tigers, sea lions, Amazonean anacondas and crocodiles, and the usual zebras and giraffes.

Afterward we went uptown to Miraflores (Lima's upper-class, tourist district) to look at paintings and walk around. Aside from the plentiful arts and crafts, there are also street vendors selling food and sometimes there is live music in the park.

Next Friday I will be heading north to Trujillo for 10 days to spend Christmas with friends (and go to the beach!)

Prayer Requests:

- Pray for safe travels to Trujillo.
- Pray for wise management of time and finances.
- Pray for continued health.


- I found an interpretation ministry at my Church which involves interpreting the pastor's message (in real time) into English for visitors that don't speak Spanish. Once I complete the membership class, I will hopefully start in January.
- I now have about six students who are interested in taking English lessons over the summer, which will hopefully supplement my income. God always provides.