Thursday, September 24, 2009

Once upon a time...

...there lived a shy young girl named Catherine Ariel. Catherine was a lover of all things feminine. She loved long hair, flowy dresses and dancing. When Catherine was alone, she would turn on the tape player and dance about the house, pretending she was a ballerina.

Catherine was born with a naturally sweet spirit, but it wasn't long before her sinful nature began to poison her heart. She fought with her brothers and disobeyed the rules as all little children will and this made her parents very sad. They wanted Catherine to love Jesus and be His child.

One day when Catherine was seven, she was doing her chores when she felt something tugging at her heart. Recently, she saw some children getting baptized at church and the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to be baptized too! So she told her mother and they went to see the pastor. The pastor gazed deep into Catherine's eyes and asked her lots of questions. They were tough questions, but Catherine knew all of the answers because she listened well in Sunday School. Several weeks later, Catherine was baptized.

Throughout her childhood, Catherine struggled with understanding the gospel and having assurance of her salvation. It was not until she turned eleven that she truly understood about giving her life to the Lord. So she rededicated her life to Him and lived joyfully, growing in wisdom and grace.

But Satan was not happy that Catherine had become a child of God. He chipped away at Catherine's heart until it became hard and selfish again. For two years Catherine lived in deceit and rebellion, not reading her bible or talking to God. But she had tasted and seen that the Lord was good. And apart from God she was not satisfied.

At the age of seventeen at a conservative Christian camp in the mountains, Catherine realized she needed to confess her deceitfulness to her parents. Being around so many godly young women made Catherine's heart soft again and Catherine was convicted to seek biblical womanhood for her own life. All the way home, Catherine prayed for God to give her strength to tell her parents how rebellious she had been.

Even though there were guests at home when she arrived, God provided a special time alone with her parents. So Catherine took a deep breath and told them of her foolishness and rebellion and asked for their help to live more accountably. Her parents were very understanding and happy that Catherine had turned her heart toward the Lord again. They promised to help keep her accountable and provide guidance when she needed it.

Now Catherine's heart's desire is to be a woman after God's own heart who loves and serves Him. She wants to be an example to others of the beauty that comes from being a Godly woman. Though this is a long journey and often very discouraging, Catherine never wants to stray from the God she loves again.

My name is Catherine Ariel Wilson, and this is my story...


The Kings daughter said...

Oh man! That is so powerful! Thank you for being willing to share your story with us fellow pilgrims. By the way, I miss you girl!