Friday, May 14, 2010


I am officially out of school for the summer and it feels wonderful! :) Though I won't be taking classes, I'll still keep plenty busy babysitting, teaching lessons, and preparing myself for the fall. Here are a few of my goals for the summer:

Home Economics -- I am going to sit down and draw up a plan for an intensive home economics course which will include: cooking, laundering, budgeting/finances, creative arts and childcare. I'd like to be able to cook all the meals for one month, but because I teach lessons a lot in the evenings I'll have to work around that. I already know basic laundry skills (washing, basic folding, etc.) but I'd like to go deeper into things like stain removal, ironing, proper folding, etc. In addition, I plan on helping mom with the bills and starting a Quicken account to learn how to keep a budget. I'd also like to do some review/practice on the creative arts I learned in Keeper's Club such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc. so I don't lose those skills. As for childcare, I'll be doing a lot of that, but I'd like to get into stuff like newborn care, proper diet for children, and caring for sick kids.

Spanish -- This fall I will be taking Intermediate Spanish II to fulfill Liberty's language requirements, but there's just one problem. I haven't taken Spanish in over two years. So I will be going back through my textbook and doing a crash course review so I won't be totally lost this fall. I'll also be doing some translating for IMM (International Miner's Mission) so that should keep me in practice.

P.E. -- I am determined to get into shape this summer! My goal is to maintain a healthy diet, drink lots of water, and exercise every day. By the end of the summer I'd like to be stronger, healthier, and have more endurance. I'll only be young once, so I want to enjoy it while I can.

Enjoying life -- Since this is the last time I'm going to be living at home for awhile, I want to enjoy it all I can. Sleeping in my own bed, digging in my garden, riding my horses, taking lots of walks, cooking, having my own bathroom, and just being with my family. Time has a way of slipping by too quickly, and I want to savor every moment of this summer...