Sunday, September 12, 2010

Student Horseshow

Yesterday was our second end of year show for my riding students. It's such a big deal to the girls to have people come out and watch them ride. It's a big deal for their families too--they love to get lots of pictures and videos.

My good girls. :) I was a little worried that one of them might spook since the weather has gotten cooler and they have more energy--also it rained lightly at the beginning and there were lots of scary-looking umbrellas around the arena. But they both did wonderfully! Bambi even did her slow trot!!!

Some of my tack was in desperate need of cleaning so we learned how to polish saddles and bridles before a show. ;)

One of my first students, Abby. Abby started taking lessons when she was 4 and now she is 7. She even fell off Bambi once and hurt her ankle. But she remains my most enthusiastic rider!!!

Two of my more recent students Blake and Ryan concluding their walk/trot class.

Brushing down the horses afterwards.

Five families showed up to watch their little girls show off what they learned. Although most of my students are just going through their "horsey stage" and aren't serious about riding, their enthusiasm for the horses amazes me. I still love to ride, but it doesn't hold the magic it did when I was little. It's neat to see the joy the horses kindle in those little girls' eyes. :)