Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leslie Caron

Fresh-faced, vivacious, bright, talented, girlish, charming--these words and more describe Leslie Caron in her early years as a budding dancer and actress.

In many of her first movies, she plays the role of a naive French girl who charms everyone's socks off. I first saw her in Gigi, then in An American in Paris and more recently in Daddy Long Legs.

In all these movies she becomes romantically involved with considerably older men, and though the vast difference in ages can make some scenes a bit awkward, Leslie pulls it off with grace and her ballet scenes are stunning. Having taken ballet for six years, watching Leslie Caron's performances always makes me want to go dig up my old ballet shoes. :)

You can view my favorite of her dance scenes here. Enjoy!


bethany said...

Neat -- I had never heard of her. I love the part in the video where she's dancing while she reads a book. :)

Catherine said...

The one with the book is definitely amazing. I wish I were that flexible! My favorites are the first one where she's wearing the pink dress and the third one where she's wearing the yellow dress. :)