Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Frosty Fairyland

Christmas day I watched with delight as tiny flakes fell from an overcast sky. In North Carolina, White Christmases are extremely rare. If and when we do get snow, it's usually a few small flurries in mid to late January. So you can imagine my surprise when we got six whole inches of snow!!!

I caught this picture of a pale pink sunset on Sunday evening when I went out to feed the horses.

A frosty plum tree.

Champ resting in the snow.

My tack barn. (Formerly known as "Ye olde henhouse")

Bambi and Josie snug and warm in their blankets.

Even as I type this post, the snow is melting off the trees outside my window. But you know what they say, "if snow stays on the ground for ten days, more is sure to be on its way!"


Welcome! said...

Those blankets for your horses are adorable. Did you make those?

Catherine said...

I wish I could boast such an accomplishment! Actually, I ordered them online from an equine supply company. These blankets undergo a lot of stress, so they are very thick and heavy duty. I'm afraid anything I created would be in tatters after a few days!