Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Empty Box

As many other families are experiencing, things are a bit tighter this year for Christmas. After placing all the presents beneath the tree, it was still rather bare. When my mom walked by, she remarked at the small number of gifts.

For a few weeks now, I've been pondering starting an Etsy. I love to make things and being in college is a bit hard on the wallet. My plan was to start an Etsy shop as soon as Christmas break started and try to make a little money. Ever since thanksgiving I've been busy crafting and putting things away in a special box to build up my inventory and eventually sell my creations online. An Etsy shop meant having extra spending money--something I eagerly looked forward to. But I realized something today.

As I looked under the tree, I thought of the box in my room full of my homemade creations. Only one thing was keeping me from wrapping them and placing them under the tree. Love of money. So when my mom commented on how sparse this Christmas would be, I immediately went back to my room and started wrapping. When I was finished, the amount of presents under the tree had doubled.

I am a very blessed girl. I may be completely broke, but my heavenly Father and my hard-working daddy make sure that I want for nothing. Making this Christmas more special by bringing a smile to loved ones' faces is much more important than having a little extra cash in my pocket. My Etsy box may be empty, but my heart is full. And after all, I can always refill it. :)


Mary said...

Thank you Catherine, what a great post. Your tree looks beautiful.

Catherine said...

Thank you, Mrs. Abele! I took this picture during the daytime, but the tree was simply breathtaking at night!