Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Projects projects projects

Ever since I came home for Christmas break, I've been trying to reduce the enormous pile of extra materials in my closet. Leftover fabric, stuffing, yarn, beads, hemp, cross-stitch material, embroidery thread, the list goes on. I've managed to use up about half the materials since I've been here and it's certainly nice to have a little more closet space!

Here is my second attempt at a Raggedy-Ann style doll and in my opinion an enormous improvement on the first. I did have a little trouble with the permanent marker bleeding over the lines, but I touched it up a little after I took this picture.

I used up all the leftover stuffing and a large bolt of fabric making this lovely red pillow.

In my bag of fabric there were also some scraps of adorable pink plaid, which I turned into this cute half-apron. I thought there would only be enough to do a child-sized apron, but it turned out big enough for a small adult to wear.

And I finally finished my green scarf! I started it over thanksgiving break, but in the hustle and bustle of things it got laid aside, and I didn't finish it until day before yesterday.

Recently I've started a new project that I am very excited about! I don't want to tell what it is until I'm finished, but I'm planning on having it done before the end of next week. I'm taking step by step pictures, so I promise to post about it as soon as I'm done. :) Hope everyone had a lovely New Year!


MamaVee said...

Love the apron! SO cute!

Catherine said...

Thank you. :) I thought about selling it, but I'm a terrible seamstress and I'm afraid the stitching is a bit crooked. I'll probably either keep it or give it to someone.

Bethany said...

You did a great job on all of those!
Now I really want to do some knitting or sewing...
I think I might actually like the first doll a little better, but they're both really cute! :)

Catherine said...

You really like the first doll better? I thought the lips were too thin and the eyes were a tad creepy. Not to mention the yarn hair shed little red fuzzies everywhere. :P