Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flowers, Quilts, and Strawberry Jam

What do flowers, quilts, and strawberry jam have in common? They all came from plants!

These daisies and wild roses were growing in profusion on the side of our road.

Now they grace our dining room table.

This quilt I am working on also has daisies and roses on it, which were printed on fabric spun from cotton plants.

My first patchwork square.

Then the other day, my mom and I drove all over three counties to find strawberries for making jam. In one county they were watery and tasteless. In another the farm was already closed. At the third farm, a kind man on a tractor told us they were closed, but we were welcome to pick all the strawberries we could find free of charge!

My mom and I felt like Ruth gleaning in the fields. By the time we finished, we had picked two heaping bags of sweet, sun-warmed strawberries.

The amount was approximately equal to two flats and yielded 13 1/2 pints of freezer jam.

What a blessing it was after driving across three counties and meeting with disappointment to encounter such generosity and warm-heartedness! Oh, how I love the South! :)


Jenny said...

Wow! That quilt is gorgeous! How lovely and summery all the strawberries and flowers are!

Catherine said...

Thank you, Jenny. I'm making it for my little sister. Early summer is one of my favorite seasons because of all the delicious fruits and flowers that ripen in May-June. It's such a wonderful time of year!

Shyla said...

What a blessing of gorgeous bounty! Those jars of strawberries are reflections of God's beauty.