Monday, July 11, 2011


A while back I determined not to buy any more craft supplies until I used up everything in our house. I have a feeling I will be "using stuff up" for years to come. With each new cleaning spree, or gift of used craft supplies, my pile keeps growing.

Recently, I noticed an excess of ribbon and buttons cluttering my drawers, so I decided to try my hand at card-making. Card-making is an extremely diverting activity because it gets your creativity flowing and with each card accomplished you feel a deep satisfaction knowing that your creation will bless someone. I myself am a card-hoarder and I have a box and drawer full of cards, letters and notes. I enjoy going back through them and remembering fun times and blossoming friendships. I'd love to think that my cards will evoke similar feelings and memories someday.

Anchors Away! Happy Patriot's Day!

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! She's as cute as a button!

Congratulations, graduate. You have a bright future ahead of you!

May God richly bless your marriage as you start your new life together.

Congratulations on your new laundry-maker!

I'm planning to make more cards today. I'd appreciate any suggestions for witty captions or verses to place on the inside. :)


Hosanna said...

Nice! One time, I used my stash of old Christmas and Birthday cards to make new ones.

Catherine said...

What a great idea! And very thrifty too. :) I'll have to keep that in mind when I decide to purge my stash of old cards.

Hannah said...

Ohhh, I love making cards! We should get together and make cards sometime. :) I like to use pressed flowers or leaves, string, crocheted lace, etc. You should make some thinking-of-you/friendship cards. Those are always encouraging, especially come finals week at school! (btw, I LOVE the wedding card! so pretty. :)

Catherine said...

I didn't think of using pressed flowers. That's a great idea! So is the crocheted lace (though I'm not as good at making that as some people I could name ;)