Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Demons and Dandelions

Every Sunday night I babysit for a small group at Warren's Grove Church. They are my favorite age group (7 to 10-year-olds) and we always have a blast. I usually babysit four of them, but this week there was only one. Cameron.

After romping in the woods and finding suitable "swords" (a.k.a. sticks) we commenced to fight dandelions in the field behind the church. Now you have to understand, this was a big field, and there were a ton of dandelions all fluffy with seeds. First we had to vanquish one hundred of them with our swords--oh, and you couldn't touch them because they'd kill you. Of course, dandelions are very cunning so we had to make up different attack strategies. There was the spin attack, the poke attack, the throw attack, the baseball attack, and the stomp attack among others. To get these "powers" you had to step on invisible bubbles that only Cameron could see...naturally.

But of course, dandelion slayers must have names. So he was Powerman and I was Wonderwoman. (I originally chose Superwoman but that wasn't cool enough for Cameron.) Now you may be wondering why we were vanquishing an entire field of dandelions. I'll tell you. We were working for "The Boss" and he told us to. "The Boss" was invisible and only Cameron had the power to see him. (Of course.) Luckily, Cameron killed him and we got back to destroying dandelions.

Eventually, we got tired of calling them dandelions, so for a while they were real lions, then they were demons. Satan was hiding somewhere among them but we didn't know which one. He could have been the straggly dandelion standing alone, or he could be the furriest one in the biggest clump. Or he could be invisible. So we searched tirelessly across the field, exterminating patch after patch of dandelions.

An hour later when it was time to go, I had the honor of killing the Satan dandelion (without realizing it) and all the dandelions "disappeared." By the time we finished, we had almost eradicated two acres of dandelions. I certainly got a lot of exercise that afternoon, and I can only imagine what that field will look like after the dandelion seeds germinate...


Hosanna said...

Heheheheheh - too cute.