Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Vignettes

"In a moment she had met her father at the door and was hanging on his shoulder. The expression of her face I felt to be very touching. There was a deep fondness for him and gratitude to him for all his love and care in her beautiful look. She was at once so proud of him and devoted to him, yet so compassionate, that nothing she could have said would have moved me more."
--David Copperfield

"Her heart danced at the idea of three whole days of perfect freedom with her father.
'We'll have bread and cheese for dinner and eat it on our knees. We'll put our knives in our mouths 'til we cut ourselves!'...As Molly walked home with her father, she almost danced along the street. 'Now, Papa! I'm going to have you all to myself. You must be very obedient. I have reckoned on us doing all sorts of things together.'
'What sort of things?'
'Everything that is unrefined and ungenteel! Think of riding together down the lanes--Papa do let me have one ride with you! I am sure we can manage it somehow!'
And somehow, it was managed..."
--Wives and Daughters