Wednesday, August 25, 2010

College Life

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. As I expected, these first few days have been nothing short of hectic what with getting settled, filling out all sorts of forms, attending classes, doing homework, etc. Anyway, I thought I'd take you on a virtual tour of my dorm room.

As you come in the door on the left side of the room are our handy dandy hand towels, sink and mirror where we brush our teeth and wash the dishes, Caitlin's minifridge, minifreezer and microwave with our dishrack on top, and Caitlin's desk.

On the right side of the room is our spacious closet. My side is on the left and Caitlin's is on the right. (And in case you were wondering, we didn't plan for it to be symmetrical, it just worked out that way ;) We're planning on buying some sort of curtain to place across the closet, but for now the bar makes a very convenient place to hang towels and washcloths.

The top of my dresser. (If you're feeling lost, my side of the closet is immediately to the right and the bed is to the left.)

Straight in front of you as you walk in the door are the bunk beds, our little pantry shelf, and my desk. (I sleep on the top bunk.)

This is the place where all the homework happens and although it's only the first week, there's plenty of it to keep me busy. As far as other details go, I've been doing lots of walking (Liberty has a large campus), I've learned a lot about frugal living, and I really miss the country. Today I took the bus up to Liberty Mountain just to find space to breathe. Being around so many people all the time is extremely exhausting and I miss the peace and solitude of the country. Luckily I've been too busy to think much about being homesick, and I already love Liberty University. :)