Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mr. Right

Ever since I was little, I'd always accepted things without question, assuming that people would always tell the truth. It wasn't until I turned 18 that I really started testing what people said and forming my own beliefs and convictions.

Since I've come to Liberty, I've been flooded on all sides by different professors' beliefs, doctrines, and opinions. Although these are Christian professors, I still have to be on my guard and test everything I hear.

One thing I have noticed about Liberty is they are very pro-dating. They partner male and female dorms together in hopes people will meet and get married. Faculty and professors are always encouraging guys to ask girls out.

This bothers me. First of all, a lot of these students are dating for the wrong reasons. Security, status, fun, etc. Second of all, I don't believe God is telling me, "Okay, one of these 12,000 students is your future husband. Now it's your job to go and find him." I believe God is powerful enough to bring my future spouse and I together in His perfect timing without my help.

So instead of wasting my time and emotions husband hunting, I choose to use this time to grow closer to the Lord so that if and when I do meet my husband, I'll be more prepared for marriage. It's extremely hard to be single sometimes when everyone around me is dating, but I truly believe God will honor this decision.


Denise said...


You have a far more mature foresight than many your age. It's definitely what my parents' taught us as well. They let us know we did not have to seek or work to find the right mate, but that with prayer, and devoting ourselves to "seeking the kingdom first" that it would be added to us. The one thing I wish we HAD been taught more was how marriage (and children) are NOT something everyone is going to get from God. It's not His will for everyone.

Anyway, I think you're right. Concentrate your emotions and time on things now, and don't "waste" time dating just to try to find someone. :)

I like hearing your thoughts! You always do have to stay on guard, whether it's professors or other students, so that you are lining up what you believe with what you know if God/The Bible.

Love you!

Catherine said...

Thanks, Denise! I have always admired your deep knowledge of theology and doctrine. Hopefully these classes will help me in forming my beliefs and knowing where I stand on different issues. And growing spiritually, of course. :)