Friday, January 28, 2011

10 Steps to Living Healthier

Living on a college campus, it is so difficult to live healthy sometimes. Many of the meal options provided at the cafeteria are greasy, fatty, processed foods. In addition, living on a small budget makes it even harder to buy fresh fruits and vegetables when I do have the chance to go to the store. So, I have decided that I'm going to make an effort to eat (and live) healthier. To help me in this goal, I have outlined 10 simple steps.

1. Drink only water. I essentially already do this. Everywhere I go, I always request water as it is cheaper (and healthier!) However, I would like to up my intake to about 36 ounces per day.

2. Eat 1 dessert per week. This one will be difficult and I am already in the process of working up to it. Hopefully it will help me to choose my desserts wisely and improve my self-control.

3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. This resolution is a lot harder because I don't always have the access (or the money) to buy produce. However, I have already gotten into the habit of eating soup and salad every day at the cafeteria, so all I really have to worry about is the fruit.

4. Join an exercise class and consistently attend. Already started this one! One of the nice things about the University I attend is we are allowed to attend fitness classes for free. I have joined a Christian yoga class called Renew that I love. We listen to a lot of Natalie Grant and Point of Grace music as we practice slow, calming stretches and positions.

5. Be consistent in my quiet time. It has been scientifically proven that a sound mind makes a sound body. I always notice a difference in my day when I skip (or forget about) my quiet time in the mornings. I need to carve out a time in my mornings to slow down and spend time in prayer with the Lord.

6. Walk more and take the bus less. When it is cold or when I'm running late, the bus system is a huge blessing! But when the weather is nice and I have time, it's always very relaxing to walk back to my dorm instead of taking the bus. Not to mention the exercise is beneficial!

7. Go to bed earlier. Most of the time my afternoons are spent doing homework. As a result, cramming social events, as well as alone time into the evenings can push my bedtime back. But when you have a 7:40 class the next morning, it's hard to wake up and concentrate on what the professor is saying. So I'd like to be in bed every night by 10:00 pm.

8. Keep a Meals Log. I started this on Monday. Writing down what I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will (hopefully) help me regulate what I eat and find areas I need to improve in.

9. Memorize more scripture and sing hymns. There is nothing so calming as reciting a verse or singing a hymn as you go about your day. I've noticed that my attitude is a lot calmer and more peaceful when I do this walking to (or from) classes.

10. Be joyful! When you have a huge load of homework pressing down on you and you have to balance time between old friends, new friends, staying connected with family, and keeping up with academics, life can get very stressful and it's easy to become overwhelmed. I need to slow down, take life in, and be joyful!!!

What about you? What are some ways that you stay healthy?


Elisa Mary Abele said...

Mmm going to bed earlier, I certainly need to work on that one. These sound great! I like how you included spiritual health as well. That Yoga class sounds FANTASTIC!!

Okay, some of mine would be:
1. Get some fresh air. A lot of times in the cold of winter or heat of summer I stay inside a lot. But fresh air invigorates me so much and I miss it when I don't get enough.
2. Vitamin B! My miracle pill ;) Good for stress.
3. Listen to music that lifts me up. Usually including Leeland :)

Catherine said...

These are great suggestions, Elisa! I absolutely love fresh air! Especially after being shut up in stuffy classrooms all day. :P

And I LOVE Leeland's music. They are one of my favorite Christian bands! :)

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

All great tips. So important to remember to find quiet time. And I am HUGE on fitting in as many veggies and fruits into my families meals as I can. It really does make a huge difference!