Monday, July 18, 2011

A Busy Weekend

This weekend has been delightfully full. The kind of fullness that tires you out just enough to improve your sleeping habits. :)

I've been making one or two cards each day as well as putting the finishing touches on some I've already completed.

More graduation cards.

I finally finished my cheese boxes!!! This project has been going one since the beginning of summer and was put on hold until I could find the right material.

My mother and grandmother helped me can some bread and butter pickles and salsa on Saturday. I hope the pickles turned out okay because I didn't use pickling cucumbers.

In other news, it has been extremely hot and humid lately. This week it's supposed to get in the triple digits! Above my pink cosmos are soaking up the sunshine.

My garden phlox that I planted this spring are doing well. My sweet peas aren't so happy. They are full sun plants, but for some reason they have been turning yellow and brown. Anyone have any tips for creating happy sweet peas?


Hosanna said...

I have sweet pea all over the place. I have found that it tends to start out the summer very well and then get "weary" in the heat, and turn brown. Then it usually gets "happy" again in the late summer/fall. Mine re-seeds itself and comes back every year.

Catherine said...

Is it normal for the whole plant to turn yellow and brown? My sweet pea only has one or two green stalks struggling for life. The rest of it looks dead.

Bethany said...

I love the way you decorated the cheese boxes... they are so pretty!

Catherine said...

Thanks, Bethany! Cheese boxes are a great project because they're already put together--all you have to do is spruce them up a bit! :)

Bethany said...

Neat. Where do you get them?

Catherine said...

These cheese boxes are from Yoder's in Yanceyville. They were leftover from Youth For Christ's peasant banquet. Lots of old stores have them for free if you can find them. :)