Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools a.k.a. Lying Day

April Fools = a day for fun, harmless pranks.

For example: switching the shampoo and conditioner, making a mashed potato sundae, putting food coloring in the milk, switching dresser drawers, putting tissues in the toes of shoes, adding a squirt of lemon juice to water, changing the clocks, etc.

April Fools is NOT a day for lying.

For example: telling people you're pregnant/engaged/in a relationship, you got seriously injured, sent to jail, had a family member die, or flunked out of school. These are not jokes. These are lies. There is a difference.

April Fools can be a great opportunity for fun and bonding with friends and family. It can also be a field day for the devil--the father of lies. Telling people, especially children, that it is wrong to lie every other day of the year, but it is okay to lie on April Fools, is setting a double standard that cheapens the truth. Let us never believe the lie that it is okay to lie.

What do you think about April Fools day? Has anyone ever played a mean trick on you? What is a fun memory you have of April Fools?